Party tote bags


I wanted to make something for the kids to take away from my daughter’s 5th birthday party in August. I decided on personalised party bags so the kids could play with them after eating all the goodies inside. There were loads of tutorials to choose from but I liked this one best from Scissorsandspice. They turned out so well – I have been asked to make more!

I used different fabric for the boys….


Superhero cape

img_1633When my little girls were invited to a SuperHero party I panicked a little. After some discussion about whether Elsa was a superhero, my 5 year old decided to go as SpiderGirl (not sure she actually exists…). I didn’t want to buy anything expensive and uncomfortable for my 20 month old so I made her a personalised cape. Working with fleece is so easy – I love it! I was really chuffed with the results.

I followed this tutorial from Diary of a Quilter which worked out great. I used some old t-shirt material for the supergirl-esque initial appliqué.



Fabric letters & bucket

I wanted to make something special for my niece who turned 2 yrs old. I decided on these fabric letters in a fabric bucket – fun and educational! I followed this tutorial from TwinTalk. It was really easy to follow and allowed me to use small pieces of cute fabric I had left over from other projects.


I wanted to make the fabric tub/bucket by FilmInTheFridge for myself for ages, so I took the opportunity to try it here. I didn’t use heavy enough interfacing on my first attempt so the bucket didn’t stand up properly. Love the contrasting fabric.